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Triad Irrigation
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Our Services:
- Irrigation System Installation
- Sprinkler System repairs
- Planter bed Drip Irrigation Systems
- Irrigation Adjustments and Maintenance
- Professional Landscape Lighting
- Stormwater Drainage Systems
- Rough Grading
- Finish Grading Services
- Turf Renovation and Restorations
- Custom Landscaping
- Concrete construction Services
- Large Stump removal
- Tree Care Services

Write to us:
TOC, Inc.
dba Triad Irrigation
PO BOX 49301

TOC, Inc.
PO BOX 192
Sedalia, NC 27342

Triangle Office: (919) 229-9420
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Fully Licensed, Insured, and Bonded
Licensed NC Irrigation contractor #1235
Licensed NC Landscape Contractor #2684
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